Property Maintenance Quick Tips

Property Maintenance is Important

It is to our community’s benefit to keep all properties properly maintained and to encourage and assist our neighbors who may be struggling to do the same. A property that is not well maintained impacts property values and has a negative effect on quality of life for surrounding neighbors.

A summary of common property maintenance violations are provided. The information highlights key maintenance issues, for a complete copy of current ordinances, please reference the Dacono Municipal Code.

Junk Vehicles

A junk vehicle is:

  • Any vehicle which does not have a valid, unexpired license plate, unless specifically exempted from motor vehicle licensing
  • Is wrecked, damaged, or substantially dismantled that such vehicle is inoperable
  • Is incapable of being moved under its own power in its existing condition, or does not have all tires inflated

Junk vehicles must comply with one or more of the following requirements in residential zones:

  • Be stored within a completely enclosed structure
  • Shall be entirely covered with a heavy tarp, commercial car cover, or similar
  • Screened by a concealing fence not less than six (6) feet in height which completely screens the vehicle to persons on adjacent private or public property