Fireworks in Dacono

Please be cognizant of your choices to engage in the use of fireworks. If you choose to use fireworks that are illegal, then expect to have them confiscated, and in all likelihood, expect to receive a summons to Dacono Municipal Court.  

High Fire Danger

In Dacono, we live in a highly residential area and fireworks pose a threat to not only your family but to your home and neighborhood as well. We highly recommend not using fireworks of any kind due to this danger.

Noise Violations

Legal fireworks, while legal, must also be used with both discretion and consideration. The majority of Dacono residents live in close proximity to neighbors. If you choose to engage in activity that makes excessive noise or causes a disturbance to the peace and it becomes a problem or violates municipal ordinance, the Dacono Police Department may be summoned which may result in a court appearance. 

Physical Danger

Please be aware of the physical dangers related to fireworks including burns and eye injuries. 

We wish all of our residents a fun and safe 4th of July, but please take very seriously the risks and dangers related to fireworks. Please DO NOT USE illegal fireworks and please be sensitive to your neighbors in Dacono.


When Using Legal Fireworks  

  • Keep a garden hose of bucket of water nearby
  • Ensure adult supervision of kids and young people who aren’t experienced with fireworks
  • Avoid extreme consumption of alcohol while using fire and pyrotechnics
  • Keep the fireworks and ignition sources of extreme heat away from combustible materials
  • Use good sense and stay aware and alert!


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