Police Department


The Dacono Police Department serves the community by protecting citizens and property, preventing crime, enforcing laws, and maintaining order. Our department's main goal is to contribute to the quality of life in Dacono.


The main goal of the Dacono Police Department is to create and maintain a safe, secure environment for all Dacono citizens. We strive to accomplish this goal through proactive community programs designed to prevent crime as well as efficient, thorough investigations of crimes committed.

Complaints / Commendation Form

Any organization is only as good as its personnel. In Dacono our employees are our most valuable resource. For us to be professional, effective, and trusted by the community, we must deliver a consistently superior level of service.

Feedback from the community regarding the service we provide is an important tool to monitor our performance as an organization and as individuals. It is the policy of the City of Dacono and the Dacono Police Department that all complaints of alleged misconduct against police employees will be accepted and investigated.

It is also the policy of the city and Police Department to ensure that commendations and compliments from the public for exemplary performance by employees are properly documented.