Victim Services

Victim Services Unit

The Dacono Police Department utilizes the services of the Weld County Victim Services Unit for victim advocacy needs. The Weld County Victim Services was established to assist victims and witnesses of crime during their involvement with the criminal justice system. Weld County Victim Services hope to also help you recover from the physical, emotional, and financial impact of the crime.

Goals of Victim Services

It is the goal of the Weld County Victim Services to ensure that your rights are met and that your concerns and needs are addressed. For further questions please call Weld County Victim Services at: 970-356-4015 ext. 2838.

What Victims Services Provides

  • Criminal justice support and advocacy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Preparation for court testimony
  • Assistance with written / oral impact statements and property return
  • Employer and/or creditor intervention
  • Assistance with harassment or intimidation
  • Homicide support group

Colorado Victim Rights Act

The information provided on this site represents a summary of the crimes and critical stages covered under the Colorado Victim Rights Act. For a complete list of the crimes and associated statutes related to these crimes please review Title 24 - Article 4.1 Part III of the Colorado Constitution.