Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP)

A New Water Source For Dacono

The city is a participant in the Northern Integrated Supply Project or NISP. NISP is a collaborative effort between the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District and a number of Front Range municipalities and water districts. The goal of NISP is to create new ways to obtain water to meet many Front Range communities’ water needs now and in the future. The NISP participants currently supply water to more than 200,000 Northern Colorado residents. The local and regional water agencies and municipalities are dedicated to providing a sustainable and environmentally sound supply of water to today’s and future generations.

Top 10 Reasons We Need the Northern Integrated Supply Project

1. NISP will provide a reliable water supply for 15 Northeastern Colorado communities.

2. Northern Colorado's population is predicted to double by 2050. NISP would provide crucial water storage to meet projected needs.

3. NISP will all us to store water currently leaving Colorado in wet years and make it available in dry years like 2012.

4. Project water will be diverted during higher flows and will meet streamflow requirements downstream. NISP will never dry up the Poudre River.

5. Glade Reservoir will provide the potential for boating, fishing and other popular activities. This will draw recreationists to the region, enhancing our economy and creating jobs.

6. NISP will protect our strong agricultural economy by reducing the push for cities to purchase farmers' water rights.

7. NISP will provide new storage in an environmentally responsible manner. Glade Reservoir will be offstream of the Poudre Canyon and no new facilities will be built on the Poudre River.

8. The project is a regional partnership, which makes more sense economically and environmentally than developing individual water projects.

9. NISP participants have reduced water use by nearly one-third via conservation efforts, but conservation alone is not enough. NISP must be part of a multi-dimensional approach to meet future water demand.

10. Out of the more than 200 options originally studied, NISP is the most reliable, cost effective and reasonable solution to meet Northern Colorado's future water needs.

Source: Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District