Special Use Permit

What is a Special Use Permit?

The purpose of a special use permit is to:

  • Provide for uses that require specific consideration in each case because of the nature of the use and its impact on adjoining tenants or residences, the adjacent property and neighborhood, or city in general
  • Establish specific design standards and restrictions on the operation of the use to mitigate potential adverse effects on surrounding properties
  • Provide a regulatory mechanism to ensure compliance with the established design standards and conditions

Special uses are land uses that are considered by the city to be desirable or convenient to the community, but which by their nature or operation have:

  • A tendency to generate excessive traffic
  • A potential for attracting a large number of persons, thus creating noise or other pollutants
  • A detrimental effect upon the value or potential development of other properties in the neighborhood
  • An extraordinary potential for accidents or danger to public health or safety

What is the Special Use Permit Process?

Begin by meeting with a staff member from the Department of Community Development to determine if a proposed land use requires a special use permit.

Fee Structure

All applicable fees for residential and nonresidential development and deposits must be paid at time of submittal. Additional costs related to the review and processing of an application will be charged to the applicant and requires a Cost Agreement be executed with the City of Dacono.

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