What is zoning?
Zoning provides the standards and regulations that apply to land and structures in the City. These standards and regulations help implement the Comprehensive Plan of the City of Dacono which are the goals, policies and recommendations of how development in the City (long-term) is to be achieved. The City of Dacono has numerous zoning classifications. Each one has a list of permitted uses and standards for building setbacks, densities, and heights. Some have specific design guidelines. Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance for details on each zoning classification.

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1. Can I change the zoning or Comprehensive Plan designation of my property?
2. What are setbacks?
3. What businesses can I operate on my property?
4. What are the responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Commission?
5. What are the responsibilities of the Board of Adjustment?
6. What is a variance?
7. Where can I find a survey of my property?
8. What is the Comprehensive Plan?
9. What is zoning?
10. Can I have a home-based business?
11. What work requires a building permit?
12. How can I contact the building official?
13. Can someone else own the minerals under my property? How can I tell if I own my minerals?
14. When is the next Planning & Zoning Commission meeting?